Things that really don’t make sense

Posted: February 14, 2010 in Ramblings
All right, it’s time for a Diane-style entry today.
Have you ever heard the idea that all good chefs are fat?  Because their own cooking is so good that they eat too much of it, basically.  In fiction this generally means a cook is trustworthy, if he or she is fat.  I don’t really pay too much attention to the size of the cooks at the restaurants we frequent, but then, Bobby Flay is supposedly very good, and he’s not fat.  So I can’t say this is an iron-clad rule about cooks, but the thought is there.
So, by the same token, would you get your hair done by someone with a bad hairdo?  I wouldn’t.  That’s a no-brainer. 
Or would you buy your groceries from a store that was dirty and disorganized?  Again, no.
So, why is it that we trust people in the medical profession who are overweight?  I went to a local doctor’s office this past week.  The doctor was overweight – and I mean, big-time; probably 50-80 lb heavier than I am.  Several of the office workers were seriously overweight…the kind of people who have to turn sideways and suck in the gut, just to get through a standard doorway.  Why is this considered reasonable?  If I can’t trust a doctor to keep him- or herself fit, then why should I trust that doctor to make diagnoses about my health?  If the office workers don’t care about the health risks of being overweight, do they really care about the patient’s well-being?  Who runs the office?  Don’t they make the decisions about whether hiring these people will be bad for the office’s image?  Yes, perhaps it’s a discriminatory thing (avoidance thereof), but it still seems contrary to good business sense.
Normally (being a big girl myself) I don’t make judgments about the weight of others, except privately in my own mind.  But this is a real conundrum!  I’m almost tempted to seek out another doctor’s office.  I wonder how many other people notice this sort of thing, and whether they have chosen doctors on this basis.
I don’t have a catchy Diane-style phrase to end my blog with, but this is something I wanted to talk about, and possibly to hear ideas from you about your opinions.
  1. Don says:

    Have you ever noticed that almost all EMS personnel smoke? Maybe people in the mnedical profession have a fatalistic outlook on life. Quien sabe?Don

  2. Donna says:

    Many people in the blog-commenting profession have a fatalistic approach to spelling, too.

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