The Latest Video Craze

Posted: March 31, 2010 in Ramblings
Ah, when I was younger "videos" were so simple…just sit around watching MTV and hoping for a Duran Duran video to come on.  These days, video games are so involved they almost seem like work (to me).  Alex has a new game called "Little Big Planet" (for the PS3) which is a platformer; users start out as a basic ‘sack boy’ (animated puppet made of brown knitted fabric) and can unlock and earn various goodies and gizmos to use on future levels, including new costumes to wear and items to use when building their own levels.  Yes…you can build your own course, and share it online for users all over the world to try!  Alex and I collaborated on a basic race course level the other day.  If you’re an LBP’er, look for "Blue Monkey Race Track" by TitanDamocles.
Meanwhile, above is a short movie of Alex’s sack boy in his Patapon costume.  (Patapon is another Sony game, which Dad owns – my Dad, not Chris Dad, as we say – and Alex has played.)  He starts off the level as a Patapon sack boy and then towards the end he changes to a sack boy with a pink babuschka and then into a sack boy modeled on "Solid Snake" from the grownup’s video game "Metal Gear Solid."

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