My New Obsession

Yes, it’s still microwave dyeing.  I have been knitting with a very nice soft “sock” yarn (though I don’t knit socks) and decided to see whether I could source it undyed.  I wasn’t too thrilled with the self-striping nature of the stuff I’d purchased precolored; my stripes kept changing color in the very obvious middle of a row.  So after poking around the internet for a while I found the yarn – Cash MCN Sock at  It arrived last week – on the same day as my new supplies of dye from Dharma Trading (I use Jacquard Acid Dyes/citric acid).  In the last week I’ve dyed four skeins of yarn.  Here they are to show you.

I wanted Tyrian Purple, and this is mighty close.
Jacquard's Fire Red dye on the Cash MCN Sock base.
This is the Cash MCN Sock and another attempt at Tyrian Purple. Pic is a bit too dark.
Kraemer's Sterling Silk & Silver, same dye baths as the Tyrian Purple Cash MCN Sock.

I will be experimenting with more as time goes on, but this is so much fun.  It’s like cooking (which I hate), but better, because I get YARN out of it!

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