Round Shawls

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Ramblings

After beginning and ending that Radiance Shawl I decided to learn about the construction and math behind round shawls.  Most of the real “patterns” around are lace jobs, and I don’t like to mess with lace much, so I opted instead to use the so-called “Pi Shawl” from Elizabeth Zimmerman (don’t get me started), which is simple and round with prescribed increases.  I used up all the oddballs of Kraemer Sterling Silk & Silver that were lying around (and did not dip into my store stash), and ended up with a shawl about 36″ across.  Which means it’s really going to be more of a cat mat, or a silly mantilla for Carneval.  I would have kept going and made it much larger, except that (a) the dark yarn was one of my early dye jobs and bled all over my hands while knitting, and (b), didn’t have any more Kraemer that went with this type of color scheme.  I have denim blue, bubblegum pink, chestnut and tomato.  So this was a good little experiment.  I’ve made notes in a .pdf which will go onto my cell phone in case (for example on vacation this summer) I find myself bored with no knitting, reading, sightseeing, visiting, shopping or sleeping to do!

This is half the shawl; it's hanging over the banister. It's much brighter in person.

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