Posted: March 25, 2011 in Ramblings

Having blabbed about knitting all winter, now that spring is here I find myself wanting to blab about landscaping!  You all remember the city put in retaining walls for us last summer.  Somewhere in the blog archives you can see pictures of them.  Well, in the last few weeks we’ve completed our new plantings.  This included putting a disease-resistant climbing rose variety ‘Amadeus’ all along the upper fence, with netting supports to help it climb; a crabapple tree in the northwest corner (Everest Crabapple, reminded me of the one from 47th Street), four viburnums and three euonymus in the ‘neighbor fence planting bed,’ and a big weeping Katsura tree in the northeast corner.  Of course nothing is blooming yet.  Things are barely budding.  But they ARE budding, and they are looking good!  Please note the stitched picture of the back fence continues to contain a lot of swooping curves and things that don’t exist.  But you get the idea.  Click ’em to see ’em bigger.  I tried using a new feature here called “Picture Gallery” which allows me to publish all the photos with just one click.  Hadn’t realized they’d be so tiny.

  1. Don says:

    Sometimes I think you ate too many crabapples at 47th street. 🙂

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