Final Bit of Landscaping

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Ramblings

Today we finished up the back yard.  There was one superfluous “Amadeus” rose, which we planted in the corner (to hide the fence corner), although it will sort of be hidden by the crabapple until the crabapple gets taller.  We also finished putting up the rest of the rose netting support and took all the labels off the new plants.  There is one dead ceanothus we have to remove and replace with something, and two dead euonymus we need to do ditto, but I’m not sure what we will put in there, so we’re leaving the dead things in situ until we work that out.  I really, really, REALLY wish we could get some ceanothus going and STAY HAPPY, but every year for about the last four years we’ve planted ceanothus which end up dying over the winter.  So I think we will not bother with that anymore.

Suggestions?  Something that does well in sun/clay, and that doesn’t dwarf a Doublefile Viburnum.

  1. Don says:

    Why not plant ivy and let it grow up the fence?

  2. Do you mean instead of the roses? We like roses better than ivy, and they are climbing roses.

    Or did you mean to replace the dead plants? None of those are adjacent to a fence.

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