Musings on the N.R.S.

That is the "New Rainbow Sweater."
I got my yarn today.  It’s great…really vivid and striking, just how I like it.  Now I’m trying to decide whether I should stick with my patterned color progression, or start/end with a different color sequence.  Here is a picture of the cones stacked up, in the order I’m thinking of.  (Purple at the bottom, turquoise at the neckline.)

The reason I changed my mind about starting with 10 Blue Purple is that it’s much more purple than I had expected.  I thought it would be like a light periwinkle.

I still have to wait for my special knitting needle (an osage orange 4.25mm circular from Jenkins Woodworking) and the white yarn for the hem and edging, and then I can get started and post some notes.  A word to the family:  this is an ambitious knitting design so it will probably eat up a lot of my blog posts for a while, at least until I get a few inches of the color progression finished.  Your patience is appreciated.  I’m hoping to complete it before the UK trip, but it doesn’t seem likely!