Crying for Perfection

Yes, I’m crying, but it’s all in the pursuit of perfection.
Now that I take a good look at this sweater – while it’s on the needles and I’m doing the hem – I am seeing lots of macgyvered spots that really look junky.  When I cast on, for example, I still thought my gauge was 7 sts/in.  It was actually 6.5.  Doesn’t seem like much of a problem, but it’s an additional 4.5" around.  So then I thought, ah, well, instead of ripping out what I’ve done and starting over, I’ll just add in some decreases.  Well, my decreases look ugly, and I spaced them too close together, which means if I keep decreasing at this rate, it will be too narrow for me in the chest.  I can’t un-decrease by dropping and picking up, because my current active row would not have enough yarn play to fill in all the new stitches that will be created. 
Therefore, I’m going to bin what I have done and start over.  I’ll post more pictures when I get past the stage I pictured below.
Sadly yours,

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